We practice experiential architecture, a branch of design whose goal is creating built environments, often in a destination setting, that create memorable and exciting guest experiences achieved by striving for authenticity rather than settling for stagecraft.


Occasionally referred to as Destination Architecture, hospitality design today goes far beyond the outdated notion that it is limited to venues for food, drink or a place to stay and Dorman Associates have moved enthusiastically and successfully into this realm.

Based on extensive experience with major child development center projects, this Mill Valley architecture firm has come to value a highly collaborative approach that involves carefully listening to a client's goals and concerns. 

We collaborate with clients to create the kind of architecture that they would design if they were architects. Our clients speak highly of our ability to come up with custom homes and remodels that are aesthetically pleasing, invariably innovative, and consistently budget conscious.


Our firm’s founding concept has two key dimensions. The first is that successful architecture of any sort derives from the genuine collaboration between the client and the design team. Second, we believe in finding ways to achieve high design objectives and create high value results.