Flora Farms Haylofts

Las Animas, Baja California Sur

Best Innovative Housing Design Gold Nugget Grand Award winner and Judges Special Award of Excellence Gold Nugget Award at Pacific Coast Builders Conference 2018

The Haylofts are the compilation of two quiet straw bale suites flanking a metal and glass great room. Because of the Northern orientation of the Haylofts, the windows can remain substantially uncovered, offering a wonderfully protected view over Flora Farms and out to San Jose beyond. To amplify the impact of the windows, the ceiling is also glass in the living room, offering a wonderful reflection of the farm during the afternoon hours.

The true achievement of the Hayloft is the on-site construction offered by the local trades. The contractor is also the developer, and through extensive training programs, he is able to hire local craftsmen to make all of the concrete floor pavers inside and out, the cabinets, custom concrete countertops, and even plumbing fixtures and appliances. The handcrafting of much of the fixtures and finishes on site led to a considerable drop in transportation costs and empowered the local work force.



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