We believe that successful residential architecture derives from a sincere collaboration between client and design team. In no way is it a given that livable, interesting, delightful architecture has to be unreasonably costly.

We are a full-services architectural firm with a hard won record of success in the design of single-family custom homes, entry-level home developments, and custom home communities in diverse environments ranging from the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, and Sacramento region to Baja California and the Turks and Caicos. 

We aim to be clear and direct in our communication with clients, and it is one of the of the things they appreciate most in the creative process. At every step of the design process, we help clients see how an idea will play out if actually built. For instance, we use 3D computer renderings as early as the Schematic Design phase. Our clients speak highly of our ability to come up with designs that are aesthetically pleasing, invariably innovative, and consistently budget conscious.

Finally, we are committed to the notion that the present and most certainly the future require no less than sustainable building practices and the use of Green materials whenever they make good design, economic and environmental sense. We work hard to be informed about all of the latest sustainable technologies and Green practices so that they may be incorporated seamlessly into all of our projects.

"Dorman Associates heard exactly what we needed and the design met our needs perfectly."

- A Bay Area Client